3rd Digital Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit – 2021


As the clinical development landscape grows and investment continues to pour into the industry, the field of exosome-based therapeutics is growing and maturing rapidly and excitingly.

The 3rd Exosome-Based Therapeutic Development Summit returns with a more comprehensive agenda than ever before, reuniting leading pharma, biotech, technology providers and academic teams to advance therapeutically relevant exosome-based therapeutics in regenerative medicine, autoimmunity, COVID-19 and beyond.

Deep diving into the key challenges such as sourcingcharacterization, cargo loading, manufacturing and clinical development, this year’s summit will be your comprehensive roadmap to realizing, strategizing and advancing the full therapeutics and drug delivery opportunities offered by exosomes.

Tailor-made to showcase the latest innovations and interactively discuss the industry’s most important talking points, join leading biopharmaceutical Directors, VPs and C-Level Executives to successfully optimize, accelerate and scale your exosome-based therapeutics as next generation drugs for unmet clinical needs.



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