A sessile droplet array for sensitive profiling of multiple extracellular vesicle immuno-subtypes

The sensitive detection of the multiple immuno-subtypes of cancer-specific extracellular vesicles (EVs) has emerged as a promising method for multiclass cancer diagnosis; however, its limitations in sensitivity, accessibility, and multiple detection of EV subtypes have hindered its further implementation. Hanyang University researchers have developed a platform for sensitive EV detection enabled by sessile droplet array (eSD) that exploits enhanced immuno-capture of EVs via evaporation-driven radial flows in a sessile droplet. Compared to a micro-well without internal flows, this platform demonstrates significantly enhanced EV capture and detection by detecting low levels of EVs with a detection limit of 384.7 EVs per microliter, which is undetectable in the micro-well. In addition, using a small sample consumption of ∼0.2 μL plasma per droplet, the platform detects EV immuno-subtypes against seven different antibodies in patient plasma samples of different cancer types (liver, colon, lung, breast and prostate cancers). Further, using the profiling data, the platform exhibits a sensitivity of 100% (95% confidence interval (CI): 83-100%) and a specificity of 100% (95% CI: 40-100%) for the diagnosis of cancer, and classified cancer types with an overall accuracy of 96% (95% CI: 86-100%) using a two-staged algorithm based on quadratic discriminant analysis technique for machine learning.

Lee E, Shin S, Yim SG, Lee GW, Shim Y, Kim YJ, Yang SY, Kim AJ, Choi S. (2022) Sessile droplet array for sensitive profiling of multiple extracellular vesicle immuno-subtypes. Biosens Bioelectron [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]

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