AACR Meeting Opens With Focus on Liquid Biopsy

From GenomeWeb by Christie Rizk

The American Association for Cancer Research‘s annual meeting kicked off in Chicago on Sunday with a tribute to interdisciplinary research, as Chairwoman Elaine Mardis praised researchers from biological sciences, mathematics, engineering, computing, and other disciplines for working together over the past year to make discoveries to benefit patients.

New technology was certainly top of mind as University Cancer Center Hamburg researcher Klaus Pantel took the stage to talk about liquid biopsy technology and its possible clinical applications. Publications in the last 10 years about circulating tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA have risen tremendously, he said. CTCs can be used to diagnose disease, find hallmarks of metastasis, mark the progress of treatment, present patients with a prognosis, mark the chances of relapse, and to molecularly characterize certain cancers like gliomas, among other things.

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