ArunA Bio Raises $5.3 Million to fuel growth and innovation for its neural exosome therapeutic platform

ArunA Bio today announced that it has secured $5.3 million to further the development of its neural exosome therapeutic platform and manufacturing processes for a broad range of neurological disorders. The funding was raised from existing angel investors. ArunA’s neural exosome platform inherently crosses the blood brain barrier and enables drugs and drug combinations to naturally target cells and treat patients with a range of neurological disorders.

“The field of exosomes is growing exponentially as pharmaceutical and biotech companies seek ways to enhance the delivery of drugs throughout the body,” said Steven Stice, Ph.D., co-founder, chief executive and chief scientific officer of ArunA Bio. “Unlike many companies just starting out in the field, ArunA has amassed more than 13 years of experience manufacturing human neural stem cell lines and with the addition of today’s financing, we are well positioned to move ahead with our plans to leverage the therapeutic potential of our proprietary exosomes to treat patients with a range of neurological disorders.”

About Exosomes

Exosomes are naturally occurring biologics that can target diseased cells and facilitate their repair. Exosomes play a central role in intracellular communication, and can deliver functional proteins, mRNA transcripts, miRNA and small molecules. They represent a promising new approach to treat a variety of diseases throughout the body.

Source – BusinessWire

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