Austrian start-up launches nanoparticle analyzer based on a new measuring principle

BRAVE Analytics’ new measurement method takes a unique approach to particle analysis

Whether in the development of new vaccines, research into nanoplastics or creating the ideal formulation of active pharmaceutical ingredients, particles and nanoparticles have an important role to play. However, understanding how particles behave is often difficult. One factor which brings insights is particle size. In March, Austrian start-up BRAVE Analytics launches a new measuring device that measures the size and size distribution of particles and nanoparticles and tracks their behavior over time.

The new device from BRAVE Analytics uses a patented measuring method for particle analysis. With the “OptoFluidic Force Induction” method, OF2i for short, a laser is focused through the liquid sample to exert a force on the particles within. The laser force accelerates the particles and the resulting change in velocity is measured. This value correlates with the particle size.

Advantages over conventional particle measurement methods include the unique ability to track particle sizes continuously over seconds, minutes and even several hours. This allows monitoring of molecular processes, such as the behavior of proteins and RNA or the dissolution of drugs in the body. The OF2i method provides a rolling results curve that describes particle behavior as it happens.

Finding the needle in the haystack

The new method is also well-suited for measuring extremely low particle concentrations. The benchtop device finds the proverbial needle in the haystack: No particle remains undetected. Initial results on the leaching of nanoplastic particles from beverage bottles are available.

The OF2i device for use in the lab is called BRAVE B-Curious. “The name alludes to the curiosity of the researcher,” said Gerhard Prossliner, co-founder and CFO of the startup. “We are researchers ourselves, very curious and now also excited to see how BRAVE B-Curious will be used in research and product development. The new insights will certainly give researchers a head start.”

Time to “be curious” without limits

Having its base in Graz, Austria, has certainly given the small company a head start. It is deeply rooted in the city’s science cluster and trio of universities.

“We are a Med Uni spin-off and based on the campus,” says CEO and co-founder Christian Hill, “but we also have excellent connections with the Technical University of Graz and Karl-Franzens University. This helps take our research forward.”

Indeed, the research continues in cooperations and dissertation projects. The focus is now on developing two add-on modules using Raman spectroscopy for substance identification and particle analysis.

Following the product launch of the BRAVE B-Curious laboratory instrument in March, the OF2i principle will be available in a sensor for installation in production plants at the end of 2024. The BRAVE B-Continuous sensor will measure around the clock to monitor the particle properties of e.g. pharmaceutical formulations, vaccines, cosmetics and other liquids

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Source – BRAVE Analytics

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