Automated rapid and reproducible exosome extraction from clinical samples

Exosome-mediated signal transportation plays a variety of critical roles in cancer progression and metastasis. From the aspect of cancer diagnosis, circulating exosomes are ideal resources of biomarkers because molecular features of tumor cells are transcribed on them. However, isolating pure exosomes from body fluids is time-consuming and still major challenge to be addressed for comprehensive profiling of exosomal proteins and miRNAs.

Here researchers from the University of Tokyo constructed anti-CD9 antibody-coupled highly porous monolithic silica microtips which allowed automated rapid and reproducible exosome extraction from multiple clinical samples. They applied these tips to explore lung cancer biomarker proteins on exosomes by analyzing 46 serum samples. The mass spectrometric quantification of 1,369 exosomal proteins identified CD91 as a lung adenocarcinoma specific antigen on exosomes, which was further validated with CD9-CD91 exosome sandwich ELISA measuring 212 samples. This simple device can promote not only biomarker discovery studies but also wide range of omics researches about exosomes.

exosome rna

Ueda K, Ishikawa N, Tatsuguchi A, Saichi N, Fujii R, Nakagawa H. (2014) Antibody-coupled monolithic silica microtips for highthroughput molecular profiling of circulating exosomes. Sci Rep [article]

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