Avalon GloboCare Teams Up with Weill Cornell Medicine to Co-develop Standardization of cGMP-Grade Exosome Isolation and Application of Tissue-Specific Exosomes

Avalon GloboCare Corp, a leading global developer of cell-based technologies and therapeutics, announced today that Weill Cornell Medicine has selected its subsidiary Genexosome Technologies’ proprietary exosome isolation system as a key component in the world’s first standardization processing of cGMP-grade exosomes for clinical studies. This co-development program is led by Yen-Michael Hsu, M.D., Ph.D., Director of cGMP Cellular Therapy Facility and Laboratory for Advanced Cellular Engineering at Weill Cornell.  This co-development program will focus on two main objectives: 1) standardization of cGMP-grade exosome isolation from human endothelial cells, essential for vascular health and organ regeneration; and 2) identification and isolation of tissue-specific exosomes for liquid biopsy and clinical use.  A material transfer agreement will accompany this announcement to facilitate and authorize the use of Genexosome’s isolation system by Weill Cornell.

“Identification and isolation of tissue-specific exosomes is considered by many as the “Holy Grail” in this area.  This co-development and standardization initiative with Weill Cornell has further enhanced the global recognition, intellectual property, as well as our leading role in this industry sector,” stated Yu Zhou, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and Co-CEO of Genexosome Technologies, Inc.

“This strategic co-development endeavor will synergize Genexosome Technologies’ top-rated isolation platform with Weill Cornell’s world-class cGMP cellular therapy/cell-derived product processing facility to accelerate innovative exosome technology development, as well as standardization in clinical-grade exosome bio-production process,” stated David Jin, M.D., Ph.D., CEO and President of Avalon GloboCare Corp. and Co-CEO of its subsidiary, Genexosome Technologies Inc.  “We are very proud to commence this endeavor with an overarching goal of integrating premium research and clinical resources to achieve standardized, safer, and more effective operating tools and procedures in the fields of exosome-based liquid biopsy, cancer diagnostics and regenerative medicine,” added Dr. Jin.

Source – Avalon GloboCare

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