Biologics TIN Webinar – Exosomes – A Promising Therapeutic Platform

Biologics TIN banner

Open to – All
Availability – Yes
Organiser – Alina Shrourou –
Location – Online (Zoom)

Monday 19th July, 11am-12pm

This is the final seminar of a series of Biologics TIN events to showcase innovative technologies developed at UCL for therapeutic applications involving oligonucleotides, antibodies, vaccines, peptides, exosomes and how to turn them in a biopharmaceutical product. The series of seminars will be followed by a Dragons’ den in July.

The session will be hosted by Professor Paul Dalby (Biologics TIN Chair), and includes an introduction to the Biologics Therapeutic Innovation Network (TIN) and the opportunities provided through the TIN, followed by two speakers from the Biologics community at UCL:


  • Prof Dan Bracewell – “Manufacturing of Exosomes”
  • Prof Ahad Rahim – “Lentiviral Vector Packaging”

This event is open to all (UCL and non-UCL).


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