BOC Sciences Adds Exosome-Related Technologies to Back Up RNA Drug Delivery

BOC Sciences, the world-leading chemical manufacturer and technical solution provider, recently added a series of exosome technologies to meet diverse needs in nucleic acid delivery.

Exosomes are tiny vesicles secreted by cells, capable of transporting molecules from one cell to another. They play an essential role in intercellular communication and hold high potential as drug delivery systems due to their natural ability to carry and deliver substances within the body. BOC Sciences’ inclusion of exosome drug delivery technologies aims to leverage this potential and enhance their applications in RNA therapeutics.

“Exosome technology proves to be a game-changer in the field of RNA drug delivery,” commented the BOC Sciences project manager. “By integrating exosome RNA delivery systems into our platform, we hope to open new pathways for the transport of therapeutic molecules to disease sites and ensure the medications reach their intended targets more efficiently.”

BOC Sciences has mastered comprehensive technologies from isolating and characterizing exosomes to crafting delivery methods tailored to each researcher’s unique needs. Safety and efficacy are common concerns in the design of exosome delivery systems. Therefore, BOC Sciences utilizes up-to-date technologies and enforces strict quality control procedures to certify the safety and effectiveness of exosome delivery.

BOC Sciences’ exosome delivery systems are engineered to deal with every type of nucleic acid, with the following conventional nucleic acid types now available: siRNA, mRNA, miRNA, circRNA, lncRNA, DNA, Aptamer, ASO, etc. If there are any specific or unique requirements, BOC Sciences has a professional technical team to provide swift and tailored solutions.

Remarkably, BOC Sciences can provide tailored exosomes filled with siRNA, which has led to several successful cases in the development of gene therapies and innovative drug delivery systems. Initially, BOC Sciences creates and synthesizes siRNA that targets specific genes, and then incorporates them into the exosomes. Though the service process covers an intricate workflow from siRNA design to exosome safety evaluation, BOC Sciences has experienced technicians and an advanced project management system that can guarantee safe and cost-effective results.

Upholding its commitment to innovation and excellence, BOC Sciences’ goal is to spearhead advancements in RNA drug delivery and facilitate the creation of efficient treatments for various ailments. See more information at


BOC Sciences develops and manufactures numerous nucleic acid products to support the life science industry. Its sub-branch BOC RNA specializes in RNA-related technologies, aiming at enhancing the development of RNA therapeutics in various aspects.

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