Cancer Genetics, Inc. Announces Multiple Agreements & Collaborations to Develop Liquid Biopsy Programs with Leading Biopharma Companies

  • CGI has signed five agreements and contracts to develop focused, high-performance liquid biopsy tests for a broad range of solid tumors
  • The liquid biopsy tests are focused on therapy monitoring & companion diagnostic development for a potential $20 billion market by 2020

Cancer Genetics, Inc. (Nasdaq:CGIX), a leader in enabling precision medicine for oncology through molecular markers and diagnostics, announced today that it is actively involved in five programs and projects that are funded by leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies to develop and validate multi-marker liquid biopsy tests for a broad range of solid tumors. CGI expects that revenue from these projects will begin immediately and will help the Company accelerate the development of multi-marker companion and complementary liquid biopsy diagnostics. These five programs range across a variety of cancers including: breast, lung, renal, prostate, and gastro-intestinal.

Healthcare analysts at J.P. Morgan predict that the liquid biopsy market could be worth as much as $20 billion by 2020, and replace traditional tissue based biopsies in a wide range of cancers. Analysts also expect that liquid biopsies may open the market to new, cost-effective ways to routinely assess the effectiveness of cancer therapies and detect cancers earlier and with higher sensitivity.

“There are a wide range of platforms and methods being used in liquid biopsy today, and CGI is uniquely positioned to rapidly create high-performance, clinically useful liquid biopsy tests for our biotech and pharmaceutical partners,” commented Mr. Panna Sharma, CEO & President of Cancer Genetics. “CGI’s experience in developing, comparing and validating biomarker assays for precision oncology is unmatched, and in high need, as liquid biopsies begin to create clinical interest and enable new, less-invasive methods for detection and monitoring.”

CGI is currently providing genomic testing, biomarker analysis, and companion diagnostic development for over 120 oncology trials and studies – ranging from preclinical studies to phase three and four clinical trials. Mr. Sharma continued, “As technologies for the detection of cell free and circulating DNA, RNA, exosomes, and other biomarkers continue to improve and show clinical correlation, analytical robustness, and improvements in detection over current assays, there will be a growing need to develop new focused liquid biopsy tests that can provide less invasive, and more cost-effective insight into the cancer of each individual. During 2017 we expect revenue from liquid biopsy programs from both our biopharma and clinical customers to increase rapidly and be a cornerstone of our continued revenue growth and path to profitability.”

Source – Cancer Genetics

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