Exosomes – isolation methods and specific markers


from Labome by Konstantin Yakimchuk Various methods for isolation of exosomes from biological fluids have been developed. They include centrifugation, chromatography, filtration, polymer-based precipitation and immunological separation. Recent technical improvements in these methods have made the isolation process faster and ...

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Direct Isolation of Exosomes from Cell Culture


Exosomes, (50-150 nm sized vesicles), are secreted by all cells and found in all body fluids investigated. Isolation and characterization of exosomes from cell culture systems and body fluids provide valuable information about the biological system. The level of exosomes ...

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Exosomes become visible with flow cytometry

exosome rna

Although they were discovered nearly 30 years ago, exosomes have only recently moved into the research spotlight. Now, biomedical researchers are examining the contents and characteristics of exosomes as possible biomarkers for cancer and other diseases because they can be ...

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