CD Genomics announces newly-developed exosomal RNA sequencing service for biomarker research

CD Genomics, a USA-based genetic sequencing company and an expert in transcriptomics and next generation sequencing, has released its newly-developed exosomal RNA sequencing service to customers. The service is based on some of the most powerful platforms in the field, with unparalleled accuracy and sensitivity, and is a reliable method for biomarker research.

Exosomes are cell-derived vesicles that are abundant in biological fluids; they contain RNA molecules and can serve as potential diagnostic biomarkers in “precise medicine.” The clinical application of exosomal RNA(exoRNA) is very important for cancer detection and treatment. Meanwhile, exosomal RNA profile provides insights into the exosome-associated RNA function. Recent studies have demonstrated that tumor cells excrete exosomes at relatively high rates, and these exosomes play a key role in several early and late events associated with tumor development and metastasis. Given these observations, exosomes are being investigated for their exploitation in early cancer detection, monitoring of disease progression and chemotherapeutic response, and development of novel targeted therapeutics.

“CD Genomics provides the exosome researchers with a comprehensive, professional service to isolate and identify exosome-associated RNA biomarkers – leveraging the throughput and scalability of Illumina’s HiSeq next-generation sequencing platform. The service is a complete turnkey solution that is tailored for researchers interested in identifying novel exosome RNA biomarkers or understanding the abundance of such biomarkers in exosomes of their model cell systems or patient biofluids.” stated by CD Genomics’ executive vice president.

Exosomes are found in the blood, urine, amniotic fluid, malignant ascites, and contain different microRNAs, mRNAs, lncRNAs and other ncRNA subpopulations. The identity and abundance of these RNAs have proven to be a valuable approach for biomarker research.

Source – CD Genomics

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