Cells talk to each other, but do members of the scientific community communicate with each other?

Do molecular and cellular biologists speak with clinicians? In the last few years, numerous research centers have been located close to hospitals leading toward a more fluid connection between clinical and basic researchers, and therefore, translational medicine is becoming increasingly prominent.

Progress in translational medicine crucially depends on close collaborations between three areas: technology development, research, and hospitals. This combination allows a research idea (or hypothesis) to be developed into a real concept (or product), thus producing substantial benefits to citizens. Such synergy between these areas is beginning to be found in health research institutes located in close vicinity to hospitals. These institutes usually house several core units, also known as platforms or facilities, which provide scientific support not only to their own researchers but also to hospitals and medtech companies.

exosome rna

Cell culture platform is placed in between research, hospital, and technological areas. EVs therapies derived from hospitals could transform part of the cell culture platform in a EVs sample quality service and simultaneously EV resuspension point prior to human injection.

Our cell culture platform participates in the three areas previously mentioned. On one hand, scientific, medical, or technological companies are constantly developing new products (such as cell culture dishes, factors, and antibodies) and advanced research tools. Prior to their commercialization, or in order to determine their efficacy, companies often need a network of scientific partners to test the products. The cell culture platform in our institute, for example, fostered by its physical proximity to technological companies, works as a service that tests those new products and tools.

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Aiastui A. (2015) Should Cell Culture Platforms Move towards EV Therapy Requirements? Front Immunol 6:8. [article]

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