Clara Biotech boasts first-of-its-kind cancer detection from lab in Lawrence

From Startland News by Elyssa Bezner

A Kansas startup says its cancer detection process — requiring only a single blood sample — could dramatically simplify a often-harrowing health care experience, as well as lead to personalized treatments for illnesses ranging from cancer to neurological diseases like Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis.

Clara Biotech — based in Lawrence at the BioScience and Technology Business Center (BSTB)  — was founded by University of Kansas assistant professor Dr. Mei He in 2015 after research pointed to a possible platform that isolates the exosomes that facilitate cancer activity much more efficiently than the currently accepted ultracentrifugation process, said James West.

“It really is a transformative medical opportunity,” said West, CEO at Clara. “If we were to just take breast cancer exosomes and isolate them — because [we could determine] their exact communication network — you could actually patch drugs or other things to them, then put them back in and see a personalized, drug delivery vehicle based on your own biology.”

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