Commercialisation Opportunity – Exosome Therapy – a cell-free approach to regenerative medicine

Background: What’s an Exosome?

Exosomes are nanosizedvesicles released by all cell types, including stem cells. Exosomes contain ‘cargo’ such as proteins, RNA and cytokines which reflect the intracellular contents of their donor cell. DrLim, and others, have found that exosome treatment is highly effective in numerous fibrotic disease models (e.g. liver and lung disease). The amniotic exosomes are derived from human placental amniotic epithelial stem cells (hAECs) which DrLim has studied for over a decade. Amniotic exosomes exhibit immuno-modulatory, anti-fibrotic and pro-regenerative effects. Amniotic exosomes have unique production advantages and can be isolated, purified, frozen, lyophilized, packaged and distributed like a standard drug product, similar to FDA-approved liposome therapies….


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