Creative Biolabs Assists in Exosomes Exploration as Diagnostic Tools

Since exosomes and their molecular contents keep attracting researchers’ interest in exploring exosomes as biomarkers and diagnostic tools, Creative Biolabs offers further support to exosome-related research, especially for diagnostic applications.

Exosomes are small extracellular vesicles secreted by almost all living cell types and implicated in cell-cell communication. Researchers have taken these nanometer-sized vesicles as ideal non-invasive biomarkers for disease diagnosis considering the unique exosomal cargo they contain and their extensive existence in various bodily fluids. Scientists at Creative Biolabs, a leading biotech company, explain why exosomes are promising diagnostic and therapeutic tools, meanwhile introducing an array of exosome-related services to promote the development of exosome research in the field of clinical diagnostics and therapeutics.

“Exosomes have a unique and complex composition, including identified proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids such as mRNAs and miRNAs. However, pathological conditions could change the composition of exosomes, making exosomes and their compositions potential disease markers for diagnosis and prognosis,” explained a researcher at Creative Biolabs.

To help track the biology and distribution of exosomes in vivo and analyze exosomal molecular contents in vitro without invasion, Creative Biolabs proposes comprehensive strategies to aid exosome-related research projects, such as exosome labeling, isolation, and exosome profiling services.

Exosomes labeling strategies that can tack exosomes biodistribution, drug delivery, and tumor targeting are mainly based on two technologies at Creative Biolabs—exosome fluorescent labeling and exosome biotin labeling. Leveraging the high affinity between antibodies and the specific cell-of-origin antigens on the surface of exosomes, exosome fluorescent labeling allows researchers to visualize and track specific components in isolated exosomes or to monitor exosome cargo delivery to cells in real-time. As for exosome-based theranostics, biotin can also be used to label exosomes by binding to avidin and streptavidin with strong non-covalent interactions.

Creative Biolabs covers A-to-Z services for general procedures of exosome diagnostics. Strategies are ranging from exosome isolation and purification using ultracentrifugation, microfiltration, size exclusion chromatography, and immunoaffinity tools, to exosomal contents isolation and analysis services, such as nucleic acids profiling, protein contents identification, and lipidomics and metabolomics analysis.

Exploring exosomes as diagnostic tools has obvious advantages over tissue biopsy methods as exosomes and their altered cargo can be easily obtained from patients with central nervous system diseases, cancers, kidney diseases, etc. for purposes of early detection and treatment monitoring.

 About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is one of the most reputed life science companies dedicated to exosomes related research. With a mission of deciphering disease states through exosomes and exosomal components, this organization has become a one-stop solution provider for exosomal diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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