Creative Biolabs Catches Wind of Stem Cell-Derived Exosome Therapeutics in Stroke

Considering a recently featured article by NIH introducing the therapeutic effects of NSC-derived exosomes in cerebral ischemia, Creative Biolabs updates its service portfolio related to stem cell-derived exosomes.

Stroke often causes cognitive impairments or even death in server cases, and stem cell-based therapy is an advancing and prospective approach to treating ischemic stroke. Stem cell types, including neural stem cells (NSCs), embryonic stem cells (ESCs), mesenchymal stem cells, and bone marrow mononuclear stem cells (BM-MNC), have demonstrated promising therapeutic effects in preclinical and clinical studies. Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences China have demonstrated that NSC-derived exosomes generated a dramatic inflammatory response decrease and oxidative stress relief after NSC implantation, meanwhile facilitating NSC differentiation in vivo. The study highlights the potential of stem cell-derived exosomes in reducing brain tissue damage, including cerebral infarction, neuronal death, and glial scarring, as well as in enhancing motor function recovery.

Scientists at Creative Biolabs, a biotech company long engaged in exosome-based services and products, offer a unique insight into the downstream applications of stem cell-derived exosomes.

“Actually, exosomes secreted by stem cells show similar biological features to the original stem cells.” A researcher at Creative Biolabs said. “We see some beneficial outputs of stem cells being delivered and transferred to neighboring diseased or injured cells by exosomes derived from these stem cells, including proteins, bioactive lipids, and nucleic acid cargo. It indicates that stem-cell derived exosomes can promote the activation of regenerative programs and work as a cell-free regenerative medicine.”

To advance the development of stem cell-derived exosomes, including NSC-derived exosomes and BM-MNC-derived exosomes, as cell-free regenerative therapeutics, Creative Biolabs updates a customized service package for researchers who investigate stem cell-derived exosomal applications. The portfolio covers high-quality exosome profiling services, which integrates a series of profiling services for the isolation, purification, quantification, and analysis of required exosomes, including RNA isolation and qPCR analysis, protein isolation and profiling, cfDNA isolation and profiling, and cytokines profiling. This customized service portfolio enables researchers to better understand the molecular contents of target exosomes.

Furthermore, several large-scale analysis services, such as exosome proteomics analysis are also subdivided to profile specific proteins, lipids, and genetic materials, thereby promoting the development of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

Besides functional rehabilitation of brain lesions including ischemic stroke, stem cell-derived exosomes are also potential therapeutics for cardiovascular diseases as well as liver injuries such as liver fibrosis, acute liver injury, and hepatocellular carcinoma. By understanding the exosomal contents, scientists at Creative Biolabs can assist researchers in making full use of the advantages of stem cell-derived exosomes as a cell-free regenerative medicine, such as the capability to deliver both endogenous and modified bioactive molecules and low immunogenicity.


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