Creative Biolabs Facilitates Exosome Applications in Biomolecule Delivery

To extend the upstream production and downstream applications of exosomes, Creative Biolabs collects new strategies and technologies to prompt exosome-based biomolecule delivery, including drugs and vaccines.

It’s increasingly recognized that exosomes, a type of nanometer-sized extracellular vesicles, have played a vital part in human health and biology in past decades, especially in regeneration and cancer metastasis. Leveraging their capabilities of intercellular communication and containing a variety of cargo such as nucleic acids, lipids, and proteins, researchers have attempted to exploit exosomes for diagnostic applications and as agents for biomolecule delivery. But before clinical applications, exosome research confronts inevitable challenges from different aspects, including low throughput, yield, and purity in exosome isolation, as well as poor control of intra-exosomal content.

In view of these issues hindering clinical applications of exosomes, Creative Biolabs proposed a series of new technologies and strategies available for global researchers.

Addressing Challenges With Exosome Production and Manufacturing

From the perspective of manufacturing, the challenge of industrial exosome production resides not only in upstream manufacturing but also in the downstream processing of characterization and purification. Years of industrial experience have enabled Creative Biolabs to provide comprehensive and large-scale exosome good manufacturing practice (GMP) services. To be specific, the company can:

  • Culture cell lines (e.g., MSCs, ESCs) for exosome production with T-flasks
  • Adopt various methods for exosome purification based on the starting volume and downstream application.
  • Provide characterization and quantification services for exosomes and exosomal cargo.
  • Lyophilize exosome products for better storage and conveyance.

Creative Biolabs addresses issues in isolating and purifying exosomes from large-volume cell culture supernatant through concentration column and size exclusion chromatography (SEC), which enhances exosome isolation speed, yield, and purity and gets exosome products prepared for downstream analysis such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Addressing Challenges With Exosome Content Control 

Exosomes are attractive candidates for delivering biomolecules such as drugs and cell-derived exosome-based vaccines. Though exosomes contain various proteins, lipids, genetic information, cytokines, and growth factors, some of which may not be therapeutically meaningful. Genetic approaches can create cells to enhance the production of target exosomes for specific clinical applications. Taking the potential of mRNA-based vaccines and therapies, Creative Biolabs has induced exosome NGS services to qualitatively and quantitatively analyze exosomal RNA abundance, which is significant, especially in the development of cancer therapeutics.

Exosomes with biocompatibility exhibit great potential for biomolecule delivery in applications of tissue regeneration, drug screening, and cancer treatment. See what products and services Creative Biolabs can provide to facilitate exosome-based applications at


Creative Biolabs is a full-service contract research laboratory, specializing in supporting preclinical therapy development based on exosomes, including analytical, bioanalytical solutions, microbiology & cell biology services, and general R&D and cGMP/GLP support. The company’s primary focus is troubleshooting R&D challenges and tailoring solutions to specific research needs. Creative Biolabs’ experienced scientific team excels at managing the whole process, from drug discovery, proof-of-concept, data management, and data analysis, to the delivery of final results, thus eliminating unnecessary setbacks and worries of its clients.

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