Creative Biolabs Launches Platform for Exosome Characterization—Nanosight™

Creative Biolabs is looking to help exosome researchers and streamline their projects, with the public launch of its innovative Nanosight™ platform, which enables intuitive and efficient exosomal isolation, purification, and characterization.

As explained by Creative Biolabs:

“The Nanosight™ platform is an advanced unique platform that is established for exosome characterization. It’s made accessible to all kinds of research and industrial customers for the size distribution analysis, exosome concentration measurement, as well as the phenotyping evaluation.”

Creative Biolabs announces this new platform recently and has put it into services of exosome analysis and quantification. It’s introduced as a supplement to traditional techniques that have been covered in Creative Biolabs’ exosome characterization service line already, such as isolation by ultracentrifugation, purification by sucrose cushion or gradients, immunoisolation by antibodies, and flow cytometry analysis.

These isolation and purification methods have been widely used for downstream analyses of exosomes. Take the technique of purifying exosomes via Immunoaffinity as an example, it can concentrate exosomes displaying biomarkers of interest and isolate them using antibody-coated beads. However, these techniques demonstrate certain drawbacks caused by the small size of exosomes in the detection, analysis, and quantification of exosomes.

The Nanosight™ platform is established on the basis of the nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) technology that has been utilized to visualize and measure nanoparticles within the size range of 30 nm to 1,000 nm. It enables researchers to better understand the characteristics of exosomes and to further facilitate the downstream therapeutic and diagnostic applications, with nanoparticle tracking analysis or fluorescence nanoparticle tracking analysis (fl-NTA) technologies. Different exosome labeling protocols for exosome NTA imaging are available for accurate sizing, counting, and phenotyping of exosomes. For example, in the Nanosight™ platform, two protocols use the fl-NTA technology, one of which labels and detects exosomes through general cell membrane dye, and the other uses a Qdot-conjugated antibody that is specific for the target exosome marker to label exosomes. Both can accurately measure the size and concentration of exosomes.

The Nanosight™ platform could be a supportive option for industrial brands and agencies that need help in exosome isolation, purification, qualification, and characterization. It allows analyzing per particle with high resolution, as well as counting particles and measuring their concentration with an accurate result in a one-stop platform.

Creative Biolabs is open to discussing the Nanosight™ platform and can tailor exosome characterization projects for global customers with different research purposes.

About Creative Biolabs

 Creative Biolabs ( is a global exosome-based product and service provider with a focus on efficiency and innovation. It has long provided many industry-first solutions covering exosome sampling, analysis, manufacturing, and exosome-based application. Creative Biolabs’ Nanosight™ platform ensures accurate experimental data in understanding the characteristics of exosomes. Creative Biolabs’ Nanosight™ platform together with its comprehensive exosome characterization services and products can help its partners and customers succeed in the downstream therapeutic and diagnostic applications of exosomes.

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