Creative Biolabs: Launching the Exosome Platform Applied in Cancer Therapy

Creative Biolabs, a leader in exosome research and development, is proud to announce its pioneering research platform for the application of exosomes in cancer therapy, including but not limited to diagnostic application, therapeutic application, and vaccine development.

“At Creative Biolabs, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with exosome technology in terms of cancer therapy,” said the chief scientist at Creative Biolabs, “and purposefully constructed a department to provide a comprehensive suite of services for scientists looking to explore the potential of exosomes for treating cancer.”

The team accommodates R&D needs in exploiting exosomes to advance exosome-based disease diagnosis, which are optimum biomarkers applied in several disease determinations, such as tumors, pregnancy disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and virus infections.

For disease diagnosis by utilizing exosome biomarkers, a set of procedures is designed as firstly isolating and purifying exosomes from biofluidic samples and secondly extracting and profiling exosome contents. Powerful technologies like next-generation sequencing are furnished to assist exosomal RNA sequencing.

“In addition to their vast applications in diagnostics, exosomes are effective drug delivery vehicles for therapeutic agents or as stimulators for an immune response against disease states such as cancer,” the scientist explained, “owing to their natural molecular structures and specific biological functions.”

To this end, Creative Biolabs develops an exosome therapeutic platform enabling drug loading into exosomes and exosome genetic modification. Several distinct approaches used for encapsulating therapeutic cargoes with exosome carriers are put forward in the platform for global clients’ demands, involving

  • Loading Naïve Exosomes Isolated from Parental Cells
  • Loading Parental Cells with a Drug
  • Transfecting/Infecting Parental Cells with DNA Encoding Therapeutically Active Compounds

Facilitating the development of cancer-therapeutic vaccines is also in the sight of Creative Biolabs’ mission that covers tumor cell-derived exosome-based vaccines and dendritic or ascitic cell-derived exosome-based vaccines, both of which are novel strategies for cancer immunotherapy—by priming the body’s immune system to recognize and kill cancer cells.

“The platform accelerates the development of novel cancer therapeutics with these tiny vesicles,” added the scientist, “which provide additional approaches aside from the prevailing miscellaneous therapeutic routes.”

Other exosome-related services covered by the platform are indispensable experimental supports, involving exosome isolation and purification, exosome quantifying, exosome manufacturing, and so on, by applying high-end technologies like tunable resistive pulse sensing, vesicle flow cytometry, and transmission electron microscopy.

“The platform aims to unlock the potential of exosomes in cancer therapy, providing researchers with access to state-of-the-art technologies and comprehensive services,” concluded the scientist.

More detailed information on the technical services offered by the platform is available on the website

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is committed to providing cutting-edge research and development capabilities using extensive experience in exosome research. With its innovative platform for applying exosomes in cancer treatment, Creative Biolabs provides its customers with the most advanced exosome-based services to support their research and development.

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