Creative Biolabs Plugs the Gap in Exosome Isolation and Quantification

Increasing acknowledgment of the diagnostic and therapeutic role of exosomes has encouraged Creative Biolabs to provide comprehensive services and products to plug the gap in basic research.

Exosomes are a type of extracellular vesicle released into surrounding biological fluids and have been found to contain constituents of the parent cells that secrete them, such as protein, DNA, and RNA. Exosomes could be taken up by distant cells and affect their functions and behaviors, which is identified as intercellular communication and may involve in the pathogenesis of various disorders and cancers. Creative Biolabs bridges the gap in exosome isolation, screening, characterization, and quantification with advanced technologies, platforms, and premade products due to emerging applications of exosomes in prognosis, diagnosis, drug delivery, and vaccine development.

Exosome Isolation

Isolating exosomes from complex cellular debris and interfering components is one of the most important steps prior to any exosomal research or applications. Methods for exosome isolation from different cell types and biological fluids, such as B cells, dendritic cells, tumor cells, plasma, urine, serum, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and ascites, saliva, and plants include differential ultracentrifugation, ultrafiltration, high-performance liquid chromatography, precipitation, affinity-based capture techniques, and some microfluidics-based technologies. But most of these strategies are limited by complicated operation process and expensive equipment and can only be available for customized studies in laboratories, for which Creative Biolabs expand tools for routine exosome research, for example, resin affinity exosome isolation kits for simple and efficient exosome precipitation, capture, or isolation.

Exosome Screening

Exosomes can also serve as important disease markers as many proteins inserted in the membrane surface of exosomes carry information about their tissues of origin. Some proteins have been identified and accepted as disease-specific exosome markers and could be potential for disease diagnosis. Having established world-class premade phage display antibody libraries, Creative Biolabs provides services to develop exosomal antibodies against exosome-associated antigens for specific exosomes screening and detection.

Exosome Quantification

 The nature of playing important roles in many biological processes and resembling their parental cells have made exosomes the next generation biomarker for disease diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy. Understanding basic biological relationships between exosomes and parent cells by exosome quantity, size, mass, density, and other characteristic properties for exosome quantification is of vital importance for exosomal investigation and further clinical applications. A variety of techniques have been applied for exosome quantification, including nanoparticle tracking analysis, tunable resistive pulse sensing, ELISA, vesicle flow cytometry, and surface plasmon resonance.

About Creative Biolabs

 Creative Biolabs has been dedicated to exosome research for years and fueled it with a full range of exosome-related services and products. This biotech company is making efforts to streamline the preparation before complicated exosomal projects, especially in basic exosome isolation, purification, characterization, quantification, and profiling.

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