Creative Biolabs Promotes Multifaceted Applications of Exosomes in Disease Therapy Development

Creative Biolabs is a front runner deeply cultivated in the expertise of exosome research. It shows determination on advancing different applications of exosomes in disease prognosis, diagnosis, drug delivery, and vaccine development with comprehensive solutions, including isolation and characterization of exosomes, as well as profiling and engineering of exosomal contents.

Exosomes, the natural couriers carrying a toolbox between cells, have been recognized with great potential in disease treatment, exosome vaccines, and drug discovery in past few years. On the one hand, almost all eukaryotic cells can release exosomes carrying biologically active cargo inside the cell, indicating some prognostic and diagnostic information. On the other hand, exosomes can be loaded with exogenous cargo molecules and deliver them to target cells for therapeutic purposes.

Creative Biolabs, as a bio-tech company specialized in exosome research, noticed the new paradigm for drug delivery displayed by exosomes, and now is dedicated to providing a wide range of services and products for researchers. Up to now, exosome related research has been widely applied for developing therapeutics of cancer, Parkinson’s disease (PD), etc. and are also expanded to offer prognostic information in a range of diseases, such as chronic inflammation, cardiovascular and renal diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, lipid metabolic diseases, and tumors.

Exosome Isolation & Characterization

Exosomes convey critical information in the form of small RNAs, mRNAs, bioactive lipids, and proteins between and across tissues throughout the body. Creative Biolabs has formulated protocols for exosome identification and isolation based on advanced technologies, such as nanoparticle tracking analysis, FACS sorting, western blotting, mass spectrometry (MS), and tunable resistive pulse sensing.

Identification of characteristics of exosomes contributes to early detection, disease monitoring and therapy development against cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Loading Exosomes with Cargo

Serving as a natural toolbox, exosomes can not only carry endogenous proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids, including mRNA and non-coding RNA, but also load exogenous therapeutic cargo like small molecules, proteins, siRNAs, miRNAs, and shRNA. Creative Biolabs designs distinct strategies to load cargo into exosomes, including:

  • Post-loading approaches that directly load exosome cargo like nucleic acids or drugs by electroporation, lipofection, sonication, and calcium chloride into exosomes.
  • Pre-loading approaches that load parental cells with the exogenous cargo and then released the cargo into exosomes.

Moreover, Creative Biolabs fosters exosomal vaccine development with advanced technology platforms, optimal advice on vaccine design, and professional exosome-related services.

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About Creative Biolabs

With a mission of facilitating exosome research and accelerating exosome applications in diagnostics and therapeutics, Creative Biolabs has ranked as one of the most preferred exosomal product and service providers. It involves all aspects of exosome research, such as exosome isolation and purification, exosome qualification, exosome antibodies, exosome engineering, and receives recognition from hundreds and thousands of customers globally.

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