Creative Biolabs Updated Exosome Isolation and Profiling Service to Facilitate Related Research

Recently, exosomes, which have specialized functions and play a key role in different physiological processes and pathological conditions, are attracting increasing attention in their clinical applications for prognosis, diagnosis, drug delivery, and vaccine development. Exosome therapy is also stealing the spotlight in the field of regenerative medicine.

As a well-known participant in the field of exosome research, Creative Biolabs has been establishing a strong network of academic and industrial collaborators, and has optimized its exosome isolation and profiling services in particular.

Exosome Isolation Services

In the research and application of exosome, the most important step is to isolate them from a wide spectrum of cellular debris and interfering components. Based on well-established technologies and experienced scientists, Creative Biolabs can efficiently separate high-quality exosomes derived from multiple cell types, such as B cells, dendritic cells and tumor cells and almost any biofluid including plasma, urine, serum, CSF, ascites fluid, and saliva, as well as plants.

Creative Biolabs provides different exosome isolation methods for different projects. For example, differential ultracentrifugation, the gold standard method for exosome isolation, is used to isolate exosomes and membrane particles based on their density and size differences from the fluid phase. Exosome precipitation uses the water-excluding polymers such as polyethylene glycol to tie up water molecules and force less soluble components out of solution. Affinity-based Capture and microfluidics-based isolation are also obtainable at Creative Biolabs.

Exosome Profiling Services

Since exosomes composed of numerous RNA, proteins, lipids, several large-scale analyses such as proteomics and transcriptomics can often be performed. These vesicles also show potential for cancer diagnostics and determination of other diseases because they transport molecular contents of cells from which they originate. Though the detection and molecular analysis of exosomes is technically challenging, Creative Biolabs has a highly experienced team equipped with advanced platforms to achieve a variety of exosome profiling regarding its contents.

In order to obtain expert data interpretation and technical support, Creative Biolabs offers several exosome profiling platforms for the isolation, purification, quantification, and analysis of required exosomes, covering isolation and profiling of exosomal RNA, exosomal cfDNA and exosomal protein as well as exosome-NGS (RNA next generation sequencing).

“We own advanced equipment for exosome profiling, such as flow cytometry, electron microscopy and optical microscopy.” Introduced by a senior scientist at Creative Biolabs, “thus the transferred information of exosomes can be fully explored with our services.”

Creative Biolabs provides the best and comprehensive services covering exosome sampling, analysis, manufacturing, and exosome-based application. Besides, a series of high-quality exosome-related products involving all aspects of exosome research, including exosome isolation and purification, exosome qualification, exosome antibody as well as exosome engineering is also available to facilitate clients’ project success.

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Empowered by leading technology and years of experience in biomedical science, Creative Biolabs focuses on offering a full range of exosome-related services and products. With more than a decade of exploration and expansion, Creative Biolabs is now known as a famous institute and experienced supplier in the biotech market, accomplishing numerous challenging projects for customers.

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