Creative Biolabs Upgrades Proteomics Technologies for Exosomal Cargo and Biomarker Research

With abundant experience on exosome research over the past years, Creative Biolabs has updated exosome proteomics services covering phosphorylation proteomics, lable-free proteomics and labeling proteomics technologies.

Exosomes, small lipid bilayer-enclosed particles of endosomal origin, are a subset of extracellular vesicles (EVs) that are secreted by most cell types. They are spherical, bilayered proteolipids and show a diverse mixture of exosomal nucleic acids (mRNA and non-coding RNA), proteins, and lipids, among which exosomal proteins play a key role in the pathological process of various diseases.

At Creative Biolabs, proteomics technologies have been improved to determine both qualitative and quantitative features of exosomal proteins. Furthermore, Creative Biolabs focuses on exosome proteomics studies and provides detailed protocols for customers with quantitative analysis of targeted exosomal proteins.

  • Phosphorylation Proteomics of Exosomes

Creative Biolabs can isolate and identify phosphoproteins from exosomes, and adopt the immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) enrichment strategy to efficiently increase the number of S, T, Y phosphorylated peptides. Based on Data-Independent Acquisition (DIA) technology, all signals within the scanning range of mass spectrum can be collected to solve the problem of qualitative and quantitative phosphorylation modification. The technical advantages ranges from the full scan mode to the ultra-high reproducibility, stability and quantitative accuracy.

  • Label-free Proteomics of Exosomes

In the proteomic analysis of exosome samples, label-free is the most commonly used technique. Creative Biolabs provides label-free proteomics for the discovery of biomarkers, which has overcome the limitation of labeling and quantitative technology in the number of samples and can be implemented in a short experiment period in a flexible and convenient way.

  • Labeling Proteomics of Exosomes

Creative Biolabs’ proteomics analysis platform has successfully realized the quantitative analysis of exosome samples, which greatly avoids technical errors and improves detection efficiency. iTRAQ technology using 4-plex or 8-plex isotope labels and TMT technology using 6, 10 and 16 isotope labels are both available.

In the proteomic analysis of exosome samples, Creative Biolabs insists on continuously developing methods to improve sensitivity, such as introducing new chromatography or MS methods, improving exosome sample preparation methods, so as to better serve exosome research.

In addition, a whole pipeline of exosome-related services is available to facilitate global scientists, covering exosome detection and quantification, exosome characterization, exosome antibody development, exosome lipidomics and metabolomics, and exosome display.

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