Creative Biolabs: Wishing a Year of Prosperity for Exosome Studies

Creative Biolabs expressed congratulations for the coming of 2023, hoping that further progress could be made in the field of exosome research.

Studies are diving deeper into exosomes, as indicated by the latest market research reports, which are potential non-invasive biomarkers as they can be easily obtained from various body fluids such as blood samples and are liable to change in the composition according to the physiological and/or pathological states of patients, posing advancement towards early disease prognosis.

Lately, exosomes have attracted attention as a novel drug delivery vehicle to carry nucleic acids, proteins, and small molecule drugs. As drug-delivery carriers, exosomes deliver payloads to target cells or tissues with reduced mononuclear phagocyte system (MPS)-mediated clearance. In addition, siRNA can be delivered to the central nervous system via exosomes through the blood-brain barrier. These findings suggest that exosomes as drug-delivery carriers may be a promising alternative to nanoparticles.

The huge potential of exosomes for therapeutic and diagnostic applications urges the development of exosome solutions, including isolation, profiling, and characterization, to evolve as time requires. Creative Biolabs is one of the CROs that can accommodate almost every procedure involved in exosome lab research, covering not only basic operations but also proteomics, engineering, and manufacturing.

“For diagnostic applications, one of our star services regards exosome quantification to help better interpret exosomal signals,” said a scientist at Creative Biolabs, “and we can adopt nanoparticle tracking analysis, tunable resistive pulse sensing, ELISA, vesicle flow cytometry, and surface plasmon resonance, which surely satisfy diverse project requirements.”

Another application of exosomes has recently witnessed major progress—stem cell-derived exosomes presenting therapeutic potential with reduced immunogenicity and can deliver both endogenous and modified bioactive molecules, such as MSC-derived exosomes. Holding specialties in both stem cells and exosomes, Creative Biolabs can back the projects involving innovative drug routes and stem cell-derived exosomes as cell-free regenerative medicines by tailoring each service workflow according to clients’ main research objectives.

“A new year full of inspiration has just kicked off, we hope that exosomes can gain as many opportunities and yield brilliant results with our joint efforts.”

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Creative Biolabs is among the CROs providing services and products for research on novel therapeutics and diagnostics, like exosomes. Years of arduous exploration and dedication in its specialty areas have won Creative Biolabs a good reputation across the industry. In January 2023, a group of scientific delegates started their journey to international networking conferences, showcase capabilities, and seek partnership opportunities.

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