CurePSP awards grant for exosomes biomarker research

CurePSP, the foundation for prime of life neurodegeneration, has awarded grants to scientific research into progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) and related diseases totaling more than USD 200,000.

A Venture Grant of USD 100,000 was awarded to Dr. Gal Bitan of UCLA who will study “Biomarkers in brain-derived blood exosomes for improved PSP diagnosis.” This research will measure the relative abundance of various types of tau in brain-derived exosomes in blood from patients with PSP and other diseases as comparators. Exosomes are tiny balloons that pinch off from brain cells, contain some of the chemical contents of their parent cells, and can be detected in tiny numbers in the blood. This work could provide a new diagnostic test for PSP.

CurePSP’s Venture Grants program provides seed funding for investigators seeking proof of concept on their innovative ideas. With success, this research may qualify for additional funding from the government or other private sources.

Source – BusinessWire

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