Customized Exosome Engineering Services Are Optimized at Creative Biolabs

Abstract: Creative Biolabs has updated its cost-effective and highly customized exosome engineering services covering exosome labeling, targeting and cargo loading into exosomes.

Exosomes, small endosome derived lipid nanoparticles, function as important signal carriers through their transport of RNA, proteins, lipids and DNA. Being involved in a wide range of normal and pathogenic processes makes exosome research crucial in multiple areas, especially in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

As an experienced expert in exosome research and development, Creative Biolabs makes full use of systemic exosome analytical technologies to get a full understanding of exosomal contents of proteins, lipids, and RNA molecules, thus to design effective exosome-based or exosome-mimicking drug carriers. There are several cutting-edge systems for exosomes engineering that have been devised to achieve particular projects in clients’ requirements.

Creative Biolabs mainly provides two technological platforms for exosome labeling, exosome fluorescent labeling and biotin labeling. The former one can be used to visualize and track specific components in isolated exosomes or to monitor exosome cargo delivery to cells in real-time. The special size of biotin makes it rarely disrupt the protein activity, thus exosome biotin labeling can be used to detect exosome trafficking in vivo or model animals.

The Expert team at Creative Biolabs is confident to provide exosome display with standard process of construction for fusion protein, cell transfection and exosome production for target delivery. In addition, targeting exosome lentivirus vector construction is also available and Creative Biolabs has found an exosome targeting peptide which can be incorporated into cloning lentivectors with multiple cloning site for interested proteins fusion.

The cargo loading services at Creative Biolabs cover small molecules such as curcumin, paclitaxel, large molecules such as proteins and nucleic acids including interference RNA, miRNA, short hairpin RNA. Several approaches are utilized according to clients’ specific needs. Firstly, exosomes can be directly loaded with exogenous nucleic acids or drugs by electroporation, lipofection, sonication, and calcium chloride. Secondly, exogenous cargo is used to load parental cells, which is then released into exosomes. Thirdly, transfecting/infecting parental cells with DNA encoding the cargo, then being released into exosomes.

With easy-to-access exosome engineering techniques, Creative Biolabs acquires physiological information of parental cells, or in-depth studying exosome biology, ranging from exosome profiling, drug vehicles to biomarker discovery. The customized services have a strong capability to provide comprehensive technical support that involves a pre-service consultation and all date from exosome isolation to purification, analysis, and interpretation.

“Creative Biolabs is sensitive in mastering the cutting-edge technologies related to exosome. We can provide the latest exosome RNA next generation sequencing, exosome lipidomics and metabolomics services, and high-quality antibody development services using different technologies, such as phage display antibody screening and B cell sorting,” introduced by an expert working at Creative Biolabs.

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Empowered by leading technology and years of experience in biomedical science, Creative Biolabs focuses on offering a full range of exosome-related services and products. With more than a decade of exploration and expansion, Creative Biolabs is now known as a famous institute and experienced supplier in the biotech market, accomplishing numerous challenging projects for customers.

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