EV-COMM – A database of interspecies and intercellular interactions mediated by extracellular vesicles

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a novel database known as EV-COMM (EV mediated communication). This database provides a structured repository of records detailing EV-mediated interactions between donor and recipient cells or species. With a focus on cell type, tissue/organ, and species classification, EV-COMM expands our understanding of both intra- and inter-species communication networks.

Summarised schematic workflow of EV-COMM database

(a) The workflow is divided into three steps: (1) Literature on vesicle interaction was searched and articles meeting the criteria were reviewed. (2) Extraction of key information, including donor and recipient information, functional cargoes, EVs mediated-pathways and effects, EVs terms, isolation and characterisation methods. (3) Data statistics and uploading EV-mediated interaction data to EV-COMM. (b) The article information has been recorded in EV-COMM database. Through keyword search, a total of 7032 articles were retrieved, which focus on intercellular and interspecies interactions mediated by EVs. By conducting manual review of abstracts, a total of 1492 articles with complete interaction chain were obtained. In a limited timeframe, we have recorded nearly 5 years’ worth of articles with complete interacting chain. The coverage of articles in the EV-COMM database amounts to 75% of the total retrieved articles pertaining to EV-mediated interactions.

The EV-COMM database not only catalogues interactions but also provides essential information on isolation and identification methods for assessing EV quality. Additionally, functional cargo data, including microRNA predictions, offer insights into the potential effects of these molecular messengers.

Presently, the EV-COMM database contains over 1481 data records, encompassing a wide array of cell-cell interactions across various tissues/organs and species. Through a user-friendly web interface, researchers can explore, search, visualize, and download interaction records based on their specific interests.

This pioneering database represents a significant leap forward in our understanding of EV-mediated communication. By providing a comprehensive platform for exploration and validation of interactions, EV-COMM offers researchers a valuable tool in unraveling the mysteries of cellular communication networks.

As research in this field continues to evolve, the EV-COMM database will be continuously updated, serving as a dynamic resource for scientists worldwide. With its freely available platform, EV-COMM empowers researchers to delve deeper into the intricate language of extracellular vesicles and unlock new insights into the biology of communication.

Availability – The Database, shorten as EV-COMM (EV mediated communication) is freely available at http://sdc.iue.ac.cn/evs/list/ and will be continuously updated.

Chen J, Lin JJ, Wang W, Huang H, Pan Z, Ye G, Dong S, Lin Y, Lin C, Huang Q. (2024) EV-COMM: A database of interspecies and intercellular interactions mediated by extracellular vesicles. J Extracell Vesicles 13(4):e12442. [article]

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