Evox Therapeutics Expands Its Exosome Patent Portfolio

Newly issued patent covers proprietary approach for loading nucleic acids into exosomes

Evox Therapeutics, a leading exosome therapeutics company, today announced that the Company has been granted a new European patent, EP3706796, to add to its growing patent portfolio. This patent covers exosomes loaded with nucleic acids or ribonuclear protein complexes.

The granted claims add to Evox’s patent estate, providing further protection for exosomes carrying therapeutic nucleic acid cargos such as mRNA, shRNA, miRNA, gRNA or plasmids. The claims cover a proprietary method of loading exosomes with nucleic acids via binding to nucleic acid binding proteins PUF, Cas6, Cas13 or a nucleic acid aptamer binding protein, and they reinforce the Company’s leading position within field of exosome therapeutics.

“This additional European grant further bolsters the strength of our existing therapeutic exosome patent portfolio, which already includes U.S.-and-European-issued patents broadly covering exosomes containing any chemically modified nucleic acid,” said Antonin de Fougerolles, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Evox. “This new patent provides additional protection for our internal and partnered programs, in which we aim to use exosomes to deliver long lasting cargos such as mRNA, plasmids or gene editing tools.”

Source – Globe Newswire

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