Exopharm Gains US Patent Enabling Commercial Production of Exosome Medicines

  • US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Exopharm patent US 11202805, for its LEAP exosome purification technology.
  • LEAP enables large-scale, clinical grade commercial production of exosomes needed to underpin the emerging field of exosome medicines.
  • Exopharm is seeking potential partners and licensees, with LEAP having the potential to become the industry standard for exosome production, as well as developing its own pipeline of exosome medicines.

Exopharm Limited has been granted US patent US 11202805 for its LEAP™ exosome purification technology. This patent positions Exopharm as a global leader in meeting the challenge of large-scale, commercial production of exosomes needed to enable leading-edge exosome medicines.

The latest research points to exosomes as a better and safer way to deliver modern medicines, including mRNA vaccines that currently use lipid nanoparticles.

“This patent is potentially a game-changer for Exopharm.  Securing a US patent for an important biotechnology manufacturing technology is major milestone and adds value to our company. Our LEAP technology has the capability to become the industry standard for exosome medicines, a field that is growing strongly and is attracting big companies,” said Dr Ian Dixon, founder and CEO of Exopharm and a co-inventor on the LEAP patent.

“LEAP is one part of Exopharm’s intellectual property and know-how. We are in discussions with potential partners that can use LEAP to make and commercialise their own exosome medicines for a wide range of diseases including global contract manufacturing organisations like Showa Denko,” said Dr Chris Baldwin, Chief Commercial Officer and Deputy CEO of Exopharm.

“While partnering can deliver early revenue and help make exosome medicines mainstream, the long-term future for Exopharm is in developing our own modern exosome medicines,” said Dr Ian Dixon.

Exopharm’s product pipeline seeks to maximise the value of selected exosome medicines to solve real medical problems in rare disease and general health areas.

The LEAP patent has already been granted in Russia, and Exopharm continues to pursue this patent family in a further 10 key global jurisdictions.

Further information on LEAP is available on the Exopharm web site www.exopharm.com

Source – PRNewswire

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