exoRBase – a database of circRNA, lncRNA and mRNA in human blood exosomes

Exosomes, which are nanosized endocytic vesicles that are secreted by most cells, contain an abundant cargo of different RNA species that can modulate the behavior of recipient cells and may be used as circulating biomarkers for diseases.

Researchers at Fudan University have developed a web-accessible database , exoRBase, which is a repository of circular RNA (circRNA), long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) and messenger RNA (mRNA) derived from RNA-seq data analyses of human blood exosomes. Experimental validations from the published literature are also included. exoRBase features the integration and visualization of RNA expression profiles based on normalized RNA-seq data spanning both normal individuals and patients with different diseases. exoRBase aims to collect and characterize all long RNA species in human blood exosomes. The first release of exoRBase contains 58 330 circRNAs, 15 501 lncRNAs and 18 333 mRNAs. The annotation, expression level and possible original tissues are provided. exoRBase will aid researchers in identifying molecular signatures in blood exosomes and will trigger new exosomal biomarker discovery and functional implication for human diseases.

Overall design of the exoRBase database


exoRBase curates all available RNA-seq experiments and reported validations for exosomal RNAs. All RNA-seq raw data was processed using a consistent bioinformatics pipeline. All identified circRNAs, lncRNAs and mRNAs were quantified and annotated in exoRBase. Contents of the exoRBase database include ‘Browse’, ‘Search and Visualization’, ‘Downloads’ and ‘Submission’.

Availability – http://www.exoRBase.org

Li S, Li Y, Chen B, Zhao J, Yu S, Tang Y, Zheng Q, Li Y, Wang P, He X, Huang S. (2018) exoRBase: a database of circRNA, lncRNA and mRNA in human blood exosomes. Nucleic Acids Res 46(D1):D106-D112.[article]

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