Exosome assay developer Theragnostex working on partnership with CliniCan Health Research

Theragnostex is in discussion with CliniCan Health Research on possible partnerships and strategies to acquire Series A funding.

CliniCanHealth Research provides specialized services to Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies for their therapeutic development. We use intelligent scientific methodologies, involving current Research & Development process, Regulatory requirements and Marketing Research, as per business demand. Our process follows a defined path with distinctive medical and scientific specificity in accordance with Health Canada and FDA guidance, compliance & regulatory requirements. We are a Contract Research Organization (CRO) based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with the goal of addressing unmet medical needs for North American markets and eventually worldwide, ensuring maximum commercialization for our clients.

Theragnostex, Inc (TGXI) is a Delaware C corporation with the mission of developing exosome-based multiplexed assays to detect cancer at its earliest stages, to define the optimal patient-specific therapy and to monitor patient responses to therapy in real time. Theragnostex develops exosome-based strategies to enable the diagnosis and clinical management of cancers. Exosomes are optimal diagnostic targets since they are released by diseased cells into all body fluids, where they are easily accessible for analysis. These exosomes possess unique proteins and RNA, characteristic of the diseased cell that released them. These unique components can be assessed in a multiplex format to generate the sensitivity and specificity necessary for an accurate assay. TGXI’s exosome-based diagnostic assay system – ExoSel – is built on our proprietary isolation of disease-specific exosomes from the blood and the detailed analyses of their cargoes. This disease specific information provides clinicians with rapid access to real-time information on the cancer’s molecular characteristics at the time of diagnosis.  This information is critical for targeted, precision therapy. Since the assay can be used with serial blood samples, it allows real-time monitoring of tumor status and can identify early recurrence. TGXI’s ExoSel assay provides a non-invasive approach to identify disease-specific proteomic and genomic alterations, creating a “liquid biopsy”.

Our proprietary technology is a cost effective and high reliability approach to detect early stage cancers and therapeutic responses. In addition, this technology can be developed for the diagnosis and management of chronic conditions such as pain management and trauma induced complications that enable appropriate treatment. This is a new, minimally invasive technology for detection of disease biomarkers without the need for costly or invasive procedures.


Dr. Nihar R. Pandey
Chief Scientific Officer
CliniCanHealth Research
Cell: 604-315-9712

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