Exosome Diagnostics Announces the First Instrument for Point of Care Liquid Biopsy

Exosome Diagnostics, Inc. announced today that it has developed the first instrument for exosomal protein (exoProtein) capture and analysis directly from any biofluid. The capabilities of this system will revolutionize drug development and point of care diagnostics using liquid biopsy.

The specifications of the instrument are as follows:
• Ten microliters of biofluid input
• Label free detection
• Four-minute run time
• High sensitivity and specificity (100x more sensitive than ELISA)
• Small desktop footprint (12” x 16” x 18”) – optimal for clinical laboratories

Analysis of low abundant proteins in plasma is complicated and often drowned out by the background. “Exosomes carry membrane associated proteins that are not normally released in blood. This new platform uniquely enables detection of low abundant membrane proteins, even in the background of complex plasma proteins. exoProteins are important biomarkers for drug development, disease monitoring and the rapidly expanding field of immuno-oncology” stated Dr. Johan Skog, Chief Scientific Officer at Exosome Diagnostics.

Signatures in ovarian cancer and other disease states have been published in peer reviewed journals using this instrument.

“Given the current unmet need in point of care diagnostics, this instrument has been designed with a simple workflow for clinicians. Development of this instrument was led by our engineering and regulatory teams, providing a clear regulatory path forward. With the addition of this platform, Exosome Diagnostics is the only company that can deliver RNA, DNA, and protein analysis from a single biofluid sample” stated John Boyce, President and CEO of Exosome Diagnostics.

Source – Exosome Diagnostics

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