Exosome Diagnostics Presents Data on Novel Platform for Disease- Specific Exosomes

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Exosome Diagnostics, Inc., the world’s only provider of a revolutionary liquid biopsy platform that enables analysis of both living and dying processes of disease states, thus aiming to reduce or eliminate the need for tissue biopsies, today announced new data presented at the 2016 American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, which took place June 3-7 in Chicago.

“We developed the ExoDx® Depletion/Enrichment platform to remove non-relevant exosomes from plasma,” said Johan Skog, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Exosome Diagnostics. “Using this platform, we identified a plasma exosomal RNA signature associated with durable response to immunotherapy in metastatic melanoma patients.”

Plasma also contains exosomes from normal processes in the body and contributes to the background that may mask important gene changes that occur in response to therapy. To enrich for exosomal RNA (exoRNA) changes associated with response to immunotherapy, Exosome Diagnostics depleted plasma of reticulocyte exosomes. The removal of normal blood-derived exosomes by the ExoDx® Depletion/Enrichment (EDDE) platform increased the ability to detect early exoRNA changes in plasma associated with long-term durable response to ipilimumab. The ten gene signature identified using the glycophorin A EDDE platform accurately segregated all the long-term ipilimumab responders in the immunotherapy study from those with progressive disease.

“There is significant value in the EDDE platform, as this proprietary technology will significantly increase the signal above the background and result in a signature and mutation profile that would have otherwise been undetected,” said John Boyce, President and CEO of Exosome Diagnostics. “This will significantly increase the sensitivity of our diagnostic tests and enable our companion diagnostics capabilities for pharmaceutical partners.”

About Exosome Diagnostics

Exosome Diagnostics is a privately held company focused on developing and commercializing revolutionary biofluid-based diagnostics to deliver personalized precision healthcare that improves lives. The company’s novel exosome-based technology platform, ExoLutionTM, can yield comprehensive and dynamic molecular insights to transform how cancer and other serious diseases are detected, diagnosed, treated and monitored. Visit www.exosomedx.com to learn more.

Source – BusinessWire

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