Exosome Engineering Strategies for Cargo Loading and Targeting Delivery

Creative Biolabs expands exosome engineering services for wider applications, especially for loading cargo into exosomes and targeting delivery.

Exosomes have been acknowledged as promising natural carriers for drug loading and delivery, mainly due to their biological characteristics of intercellular communicator to cross various barriers, non-immunogenic nature to protect cargos from clearance and degradation, lower toxicity than synthetic nanoparticles, higher flexibility and compatibility for drug delivery, and most importantly, flexible approaches toward cargo loading that allow for diverse therapeutic effects. To fill the gap of exosomal cargo encapsulation and exosomal membrane modification for targeting delivery strategies, Creative Biolabs has optimized some exosome engineering services.

Loading Cargo into Exosomes for Delivery

  • Natural Exosome Contents

Exosomes naturally carry various content types for cell-to-cell communication, including proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids, in which exosomal proteins particularly are essential in the pathological process of diseases. Researchers at Creative Biolabs helpfully analyze and identify exosomal protein cargo and decipher from related molecular mechanisms in exosome biogenesis, formation, targeting, and cell effects. Exosome proteomics services at Creative Biolabs include Phosphorylation Proteomics of Exosomes, Label-free Proteomics of Exosomes, and Labeling Proteomics of Exosomes to analyze exosomal protein expression, function, modification, and interaction.

  • Selected Exosome Contents

In addition to natural exosome contents, it is evident that therapeutic cargos, such as synthetic oligonucleotides, small molecule compounds, and exosome vectors can be packaged into exosomes in selective manners and delivered to target cells.

To make exosomes an ideal drug delivery system, Creative Biolabs has developed various strategies for loading materials into exosomes for targeting delivery. Namely, the post-loading strategy directly loads exogenous nucleic acids or drugs into exosomes by electroporation, lipofection, sonication, and calcium chloride. Additionally, the pre-loading strategy for exosomes allows loading parental cells with the exogenous cargo by transfecting/infecting parental cells with DNA encoding therapeutically active compounds or directly loading parental cells with drugs like small molecule chemical drugs that have low cytotoxicity.

After a natural or selective process of loading exosomes with therapeutic drugs, exosomes become an efficient tool for targeting delivery due to their intrinsic homing capacity of guiding therapeutic cargo across natural membranous barriers and targeting ability derived from donor cells, which have provided potential treatment strategies for various diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a privately held, US-based biotechnology company. As a service leader in harnessing and engineering the natural delivery ability of exosomes to develop therapeutics against different diseases, Creative Biolabs facilitates exosome-based drug discovery and treatment strategy development through comprehensive services, ranging from exosome analysis and characterization to exosome engineering and manufacturing, which help address limitations of other drug delivery technologies.

For further information, visit https://www.creative-biolabs.com/exosome/.

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