Exosome microRNAs in metabolic syndrome as tools for the early monitoring and treatment of diabetes

Exosomes are nano-sized extracellular vesicles produced and released by almost all cell types. They play an essential role in cell-cell communications by delivering cellular bioactive compounds such as functional proteins, metabolites, and nucleic acids, including microRNA, to recipient cells. Thus, they are involved in various physio-pathological conditions. Exosome-miRNAs are associated with numerous diseases, including type 2 diabetes, a complex multifactorial metabolic disorder linked to obesity. In addition, exosome-miRNAs are emerging as essential regulators in the progression of diabetes, principally for pancreatic β-cell injury and insulin resistance. University of Calabria researchers discuss the recent findings concerning exosome-miRNAs associated with β-cell dysfunction to provide a novel approach for the early diagnosis and therapy of diabetes.

microRNAs as therapeutic option

Cione E, Cannataro R, Gallelli L, De Sarro G, Caroleo MC. (2021) Exosome microRNAs in Metabolic Syndrome as Tools for the Early Monitoring of Diabetes and Possible Therapeutic Options. Pharmaceuticals (Basel) 14(12):1257. [article]

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