Exosome Proteomics Services for Biomarker research at Creative Biolabs

Currently, the main interest in exosome research is the possibility of using exosomes as biomarkers for diseases, Empowered by leading technology and years of experience in biomedical science, Creative Biolabs now provides improved proteomics services for global customers.

Exosomes, small (~30-150 nm) lipid bilayer-enclosed particles of endosomal origin, are a subset of extracellular vesicles (EVs) that are secreted by most cell types. And they are spherical, bilayered proteolipids and show a diverse mixture of proteins, DNAs, RNAs, and lipids. Exosomal proteins play a key role in the pathological process of various diseases. Thus it is necessary to analyze and identify exosomal proteins.

Equipped with state-of-art tools and technologies, the expert team at Creative Biolabs has optimized exosome technical services to help customers explore more about decipher molecular mechanisms involved in vesicle cargo sorting, biogenesis and protein functions of exosomes for different purposes of exosome diagnostic applications.

At Creative Biolabs, proteomics technologies have been improved to determine both qualitative and quantitative features of exosomal proteins. Furthermore, Creative Biolabs focuses on exosome proteomics studies and provides detailed protocols for customers with quantitative analysis of targeted exosomal proteins.

This service is highly customized with an in-depth pre-service consultation and a fully custom project design to meet every specific need of customers. Exosomes can be isolated from various samples including plasma/serum, cerebrospinal fluid, saliva, snot, urine, bile, and cell media. The sample input requirement is also low so the project is guaranteed to perform well even for researchers working with limited sample volumes.

In addition, with years of experience in the field of molecular and cell biology research, other exosome-related services are also available at Creative Biolabs, including exosome purification (such as exosome enrichment/isolation), exosome characterization, exosome antibody development, exosome lipidomics and metabolomics, and exosome display.

“As a well-known participant in the field of exosome research, we have accumulated more than ten years of experience in exosome research and now are fully capable of providing a full range of exosome-related services,” introduced by a senior scientist at Creative Biolabs, “and we are always ready to provide real-time guidance as well as the best after-sale services for your project.”

Further information on exosome-related services and products at Creative Biolabs can be found on https://www.creative-biolabs.com/exosome.

About Creative Biolabs

Empowered by leading technology and years of experience in biomedical science, Creative Biolabs focuses on offering a full range of exosome-related services and products. The comprehensive services covering exosome sampling, analysis, manufacturing, and exosome-based application. The high-quality exosome-related products involving all aspects of exosome research, including exosome isolation and purification, exosome qualification, exosome antibody as well as exosome engineering.

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