Exosome Research—Impeding into an Epoch of Bursting Development

A recent market report reveals the huge potential of exosome research, which is gaining mounting research fever across the industry.

A recently published market report, “Exosome Research Market Share, Size, Trends, Industry Analysis Report, By Product (Kits and Reagents, Instruments, Other Products); By Indication; By Application; By Region; Segment Forecast, 2022 – 2030”, reveals that the predicted global exosome research market size & share demand will reach US$ 1,896 million by 2030, illustrating the huge potential of exosomes and recognition from the industry.

Creative Biolabs is one of the CROs supporting the exploration of exosomes as both therapeutic and diagnostic tools by providing a series of one-stop services covering exosome production, isolation, and purification, as well as lab-use instruments like exosome isolation reagents, antibodies, standards, and kits for capturing and quantification.

“Exosomes are perfect research candidates for diagnostic and therapeutic usages,” according to a specialist at Creative Biolabs, “as they play vital roles in intercellular communications. Their unique properties have been validated by previous research, which has successfully moved them into clinical diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Our services are based on these two dimensions.”

Creative Biolabs’ exosomal solution covers the entire process of development and characterization, all the way to validation.

A crucial step in preparing exosomes is isolation, which requires unique tactics to sift exosomes with high quality and purity from miscellaneous cellular debris and interfering components. Creative Biolabs’ exosome isolation protocols integrate diverse tactics such as differential ultracentrifugation, size-based isolation, and exosome precipitation to complement operations, including:

* Cell Exosome Isolation
* Plasma Exosome Isolation
* Urine Exosome Isolation
* Serum Exosome Isolation
* CSF Exosome Isolation

“We can not only handle exosome manufacturing but also help with the analysis of exosomes, partially achieved by our exosome sequencing service that adopts the next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology to investigate exosomal RNAs,” added the specialist.

The NGS methodology at Creative Biolabs can accommodate the sequencing request from small RNA/miRNA, lncRNA, circRNA, mRNA, mRNA microarray, miRNA microarray, LncRNA microarray, ceRNA microarray, to exosomal whole transcriptome.

“We are happy to see that exosomes are gaining more market shares and attention, which means their capabilities have been recognized and will be exploited to contribute to further diagnostic and therapeutic improvements.”


Creative Biolabs is a CRO offering solutions to support innovative immunotherapy development, whose solutions range from antibody, vaccine, stem cell, and exosome to next-generation sequencing. In 2023, a group of scientists will embark on the journey to participate in networking affairs, during which time Creative Biolabs will present exclusive solutions and establish solid strategic partnerships with global scientists and peers in the industry.

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