Exosome Targeting Services at Creative Biolabs Ready to Boost Drug Delivery Research

Creative Biolabs updates the custom services of exosome targeting, covering exosome display and targeting exosome lentivirus vector construction, to escalate the development of nanoparticles for drug delivery and vaccine design.

Exosomes are picking up steam among scientists because they can perform a role in the immune response, antigen presentation, cell migration, cell differentiation, and tumor invasion. Exosomes, which provide a mechanism for macromolecules to be exchanged between cells, play a part in the development of various illnesses, particularly in the modulation of the cancer microenvironment and immune response.

Recently, several studies have shown that exosomes express some lipids and cell adhesion molecules and ligands naturally targeting certain types of recipient cells, which suggests that exosomes have natural targeting ability based on donor cells and can act as an efficient tool for targeting delivery. With years of experiences in exosome technology, Creative Biolabs has combined the delivery capabilities of exosomes with targeting technology and biomolecular engineering approaches, and now offers the custom services of exosome targeting to escalate the development of nanoparticles for drug delivery and vaccine design.

Creative Biolabs’ scientific team is adept in using exosome display technology for a variety of research and applications. Exosome display technology could be used to create antibodies against a variety of targets, including G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). Moreover, exosome display offers a handy platform for displaying membrane proteins in their native conformation and environment, and recombinant exosomes containing potential therapeutic targets may be utilized to screen cognate ligands or small molecules.

Research has also found that exosome targeting can be achieved by the construction of a lentivirus vector and scientists at Creative Biolabs have developed an exosome targeting peptide for interested proteins fusion, producing lentivectors that are able to deliver the interested proteins into exosomes.

“With the help of a professional expert team and cutting-edge technologies for exosome targeting, we can now provide custom exosome therapy development services with the best quality and the most competitive price. Our team has helped clients successfully accelerate their projects and will continue to learn from the experience to provide better services to future partners.” as introduced a scientist at Creative Biolabs.

Further information on exosome-related services and products at Creative Biolabs can be found on https://www.creative-biolabs.com/exosome.

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