Exosome workshop in 2012, Gothenburg, Sweden

pollenWe are very excited to host the 2012 International Workshop on Exosomes in Gothenburg, Sweden April 18-21. The intention is to include any science involving exosomes, but also to invite those working with microvesicles to contribute, to more clearly find ways to distinguish differences in the biology of these fundamentally different vesicles released by cells.

Should the meeting be focused on specific aspects of these vesicles? Should we have a “topic”, perhaps focusing on exosomes and microvesicles in immunology or in cancer or in general cell biology? Personally I think the field of exosomes is still quite small and is only starting to grow, why we should avoid too much focus in 2012. I hope this exosome meeting really can bridge over research field, and create new collaborations between researchers that otherwise would not meet.

Maybe a new community will be created?

I can already now say that a special effort will be made to create good and interactive poster sessions during the meeting.

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