Exosomes and Microvesicles: Applications for Translational Research from Biomarkers to Therapeutic Applications – 2013 ASMEV Meeting Report

exosome rnaGarcia-Contreras M , Robbins PD

Extracellular vesicles, comprised of exosomes derived from the multi-vesicular bodies and ectosomes or microvesicles, released by shedding from the plasma membrane, have been implicated in mediating intracellular communication. These extracellular vesicles not only carrying proteins derived from the parental cells, but also contain subsets of mRNA, miRNAs and other non-coding RNAs. Since vesicles are found in all bodily fluids, they also are a source of disease markers. This new field of extracellular vesicles, including exosomes and microvesicles, represents a rapidly expanding area of biomedical research relevant to the development of disease- specific, non-invasive methods for clinical diagnostics as well as to the development of new therapeutic approaches. The annual meeting of the American Society for Exosomes and Microvesicles (ASEMV) recently was held in Orlando, Florida, USA (September 7-9, 2013). At the meeting, novel findings and ideas related to the role of microvesicles in a variety of biological processes and as well as diagnostics were presented. The meeting also facilitated networking and the inception of collaborative projects among researchers working on extracellular vesicles. A summary of the meeting is presented.

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