Exosomes and Their Role in Cancer Progression

Exosomes are a subset of extracellular vesicles and their size is approximately 100 nm in diameter. They are surrounded by a lipid bilayer membrane and secreted from almost all of cells. Exosomes are generated within the endocytic system as ILV (intraluminal membrane vesicle) and secreted during the fusion of MVB (multivesicular body) with the cell membrane. Recently it has been reported that exosomes modulate cell-cell communication contributing to the maintenance of tissue homeostasis by molecules including exosomes. Moreover, exosomes released from cancer cells are involved in cancer progression. Thus, data regarding the role of the exosomes in malignant cancer will lead to development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

Cancer progression regulated by “Exosomes”


Mitsuhiko Osaki M Futoshi Okada F. (2019) Exosomes and Their Role in Cancer Progression. Yonago Acta Med 62(2): 182–190. [article]

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