Exosomes as Messengers Between Mother and Fetus in Pregnancy

The ability of exosomes to transport different molecular cargoes and their ability to influence various physiological factors is already well known. An exciting area of research explores the functions of exosomes in healthy and pathological pregnancies. Placenta-derived exosomes were identified in the maternal circulation during pregnancy and their contribution in the crosstalk between mother and fetus are now starting to become defined. Researchers from the Polish Academy of Sciences summarize knowledge about this topic and answer the question of how important exosomes are for a healthy pregnancy.


Illustration of the fetal placental barrier that separates fetal and maternal circulations in the human placenta. Places of exosome appearance are indicated. MSC—mesenchymal stem cells. 

Czernek L, Düchler M. (2020) Exosomes as Messengers Between Mother and Fetus in Pregnancy. Int J Mol Sci 21(12), 4264 [article]

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