Exosomes Market Dynamics – A Fast-Moving and Evolving Space

from Genetic Engineering News by Enal Razvi and Gary Oosta

The focus of this GEN Market & Tech Analysis report is to describe the exosomes market dynamics.

exosome rna

  • We have characterized from the bottom-up the complex and evolving exosomes market landscape — this enables us to view the changing structure of this marketplace and the expanding/declining themes
  • Cancer is of course the main driver of the exosomes field, but other disease classes such as cardiovascular and CNS diseases and gaining share of the broader exosomes space
  • The types of tools/technologies being utilized for the study of exosomes is evolving and this offers opportunities to market participants
  • Specific microRNAs and biomarker classes are being found in exosomes and this may underlie an early-source of utility for exosomes — capture and harvest of biomarkers to enable biofluid (liquid) biopsies

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