Featured Exosome Job – Research Scientist – Cancer Biology/Kalluri Lab

The Kalluri Laboratory is engaged in cancer research with mission to unravel the biology of this disease, identify therapies and develop new drugs. Additionally, the laboratory is involved tissue and organ regeneration research. Fundamental Knowledge in biology, chemistry and mathematics is required. The job description includes performing mouse work, molecular and cell biology techniques, protein isolation and analysis, exosomes isolation and characterization, genetic analysis of tissue samples from mice and humans and perform standard laboratory techniques. Should be able to teach and supervise junior and senior technicians and work in a team based laboratory environment. Should be able to lead projects and work directly with MD and PhD trainees. The laboratory has 35 researchers and we are fertile training ground for future cancer research scientists.


Experiments  Responsible for Exosome purification and characterization, basic cell culture and cell biology techniques, biochemical and molecular biology techniques relevant to exosomes research. Biophysics and analytical chemistry and biology expertise. Large scale cell production experience, such as spinner-reactor cultures.

Supervision and training –

  1. a) Develops approaches for training and oversight of other research scientists and junior staff on all aspects including data and literature compilation and analysis.
  2. b) Supervises technicians in their work and assists them as assigned or delegated.

Document review – Reviews documents as needed prior to publication.

Reports and grant requests – Collaborates or assists with supervisor and senior research staff with preparation of reports and grant requests.


Required: PhD in one of the natural sciences or related field or Medical degree.


With PhD, no experience required.  With Medical degree, two years of experience in experimental or scientific work.


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