Featured Exosome Job – Lab Manager (Exosome Mediated Alterations)

#98132 Lab Manager (Exosome Mediated Alterations)


The Department of Medicine (DOM) is the largest department within the UC San Diego School of Medicine (SOM) and is responsible for fulfilling its teaching, research, and clinical missions. DOM employs approximately 500 salaried faculty, nearly 200 academic appointees, and more than 300 residents, fellows, and postdocs, supported by almost 1,000 staff members. The Business Services Office (BSO) functions within DOM Administration and interfaces with data and individuals throughout the Department, SOM, campus, and Health System, regarding financial and operational matters.
The incumbent will serve as laboratory manager and maintain the day to day operations of the Molina lab related to the research of Exosome Mediated Alterations in Cellular Metabolism in the Pathogenesis and Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Will work in close cooperation with the Principal Investigator (PI) and laboratory staff in the study and testing of the hypothesis that circulating exosomes mediate changes in cellular metabolism associated with early stages of AD and contribute to the long-term progression of disease.
The laboratory manager will teach laboratory procedures to laboratory personnel, oversee laboratory maintenance and coordinate equipment ordering and maintenance. The incumbent will be responsible for lab purchasing; including consumables and reagents. The incumbent will monitor lab safety issues and ensure that the lab is compliant with UCSD and California regulations. The incumbent will develop the infrastructure for acquiring and maintaining a repository of biological samples. Encompasses wet lab work, including standard molecular biology and biochemical assays. The incumbent will design and perform high-throughput and high-resolution assays of mitochondrial function.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Advanced theoretical knowledge and practical experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, mathematics and computer software or related field
  • or equivalent combination of experience and education with ability to make advanced contributions to research projects at a conceptual level.
  • Extensive experience to execute and oversee mitochondrial assays.
  • Demonstrated experience instructing others in lab procedures and techniques. Expert knowledge sufficient to coordinate studies with the lab and other departments.
  • Proven skill to plan and organize work assignments in an efficient and productive manner. Ability to be well organized in execution of complex experiments paying close attention to detail.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills (using grammatically correct written English and accurate typing).
  • Demonstrated ability to research information and analyze data to arrive at valid conclusions, theoretical determination and recommendations, and plans of action. Strong process orientation.
  • Experience in public relations and forming working alliances and building relationships with other medical and research professionals.
  • Extensive knowledge of Institutional Review Board and other federal research policies and procedures.
  • Strong computer software to analyze data, store results and compute raw data. Knowledge to work with and learn new software for analysis. Knowledge computer software MS Word, Excel Spreadsheets, and Powerpoint.
  • Proven ability to read, interpret and apply protocols in conducting research. Demonstrated ability in following step wise experimental protocols. Skill to troubleshoot adaptations of experimental protocols.
  • Strong interpersonal to interact with variety of personalities of the organization, exercising tact, mature judgment, diplomacy, and flexibility to promote positive working relationships and job effectiveness. Skill at negotiating with various personalities and developing internal and external network of contacts.
  • Ability to provide quick and flexible leadership around shifts in project needs that occur based on on-the-ground realities. Ability to take initiative, work independently, and work effectively with constituents to facilitate the mission of the laboratory.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of established UCSD guidelines for safety and environmental issues. Knowledge of UCSD Environmental Health and Safety requirements.
  • Knowledge of UCSD policies and procedures.

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