Featured Exosome Job – Research Associate, College of Engineering and Applied Science

Participate in the development and design of research projects, protocols and experiments on Exonostics project with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. This is a unique opportunity to be part of an innovative project funded by state of Ohio which has the potential to become a startup company at the end of the first year. The project is built based on a patented device in Dr. Esfandiari’ s lab for extraction and purification of circulating biomarkers called exosomes from biofluids. This is a fast paste project with important deliverable deadlines.

Essential Functions

  • Fabrication, assembly of the purification lab on a chip device.
  • Testing and troubleshooting the device performance.
  • Sample preparation and exosomes extraction utilizing the device by following the established protocol.
  • Exosomes characterization utilizing Nanoparticle Tracking analysis, TEM imaging, downstream proteomics analysis including Western blot and ELISA assay. genomics analysis of RNA content by performing RNA extraction and RNA sequencing.
  • Preparing the reports and presenting the results.

Minimum Requirements

  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Cell Molecular Biology or a closely related field.

Required Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree required in a related field.

Required Experience

  • In-depth knowledge of specialized field, process or discipline.
  • May require experience with specialized software programs.

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