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Kelly Government Solutions is a strategic supplier and business partner to the federal government and its key suppliers. Through our partnership with the National Institutes of Health, Kelly Government Solutions offers administrative, IT, engineering, scientific, and healthcare professionals the opportunity to work with one of the most prestigious research organizations in the world. We are currently seeking a Scientific Program Manager RNA Biology, Exosomes & Genetics to work with the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.

This is a long-term contract position which offers:

  • Competitive salary with comprehensive benefit package
  • Opportunity to work at NIH, world’s foremost medical research center
  • Learn more about what Kelly can do for you at www.kellygovernmentsolutions.com

TASKS/SERVICES : The contractor shall:
(1) Collaborate with staff on the management and development of Common Fund programs including the $33M extracellular RNA (exRNA) Communication and $190M Somatic Cell Genome Editing programs.
(2) Develop quarterly reports from data and updates provided by the program awardees.
(3) Work with staff to schedule periodic conference calls and/or site visits, including web-based assisted tools such as Adobe Connect.
(4) Conceptualize, plan and organize workshops and conferences including the semi-annual meetings of investigators; prepare meeting reports.
(5) Coordinate with DARPA/NIST/FDA partners on the Somatic Cell Genome Editing program.
(6) Provide regular updates and communication with the science officers (Program Directors from various NIH Institutes/Centers (IC) who are current members of the NIH exRNA Communication or the Somatic Cell Genome Editing program working group).
(7) Work with staff to track and evaluate the yearly milestones and progress reports from awardees; prepare dossier for each award and the program, including presentations.
(8) Analyze business and operating procedures to devise most efficient methods of accomplishing work; plan study of work problems and procedures, such as communications, information flow, integrated databases, inventory control or analysis of funding plans.
(9) Formulate and present new concepts, projects and initiatives to appropriate advisory groups; formulate and develop Funding Opportunity Announcements to achieve objectives.
(10) Work with staff on developing complex terms and conditions for research projects with special emphasis on data and biomaterials sharing
(11) Collaborate with staff on the management of program budget, involving a wide range of administrative and analytical duties; formulate operating budget projections and annual allocations; generate budget reports for senior management; monitor and track program expenditures; maintain fiscal oversight over office awards and contracts; track awards and obligation of funds; ensure adequate funds for program coverage.
(12) Consolidate financial data for budget presentations and to provide overview of the financial status of operations; maintain internal records and analyze proposed funding plans to identify trends, surplus or shortage of funds; recommend new or changed methods or procedures for monitoring/tracking budgetary information.
(13) Conduct portfolio analyses on program activities, via internal systems and/or NIH enterprise systems, to identify opportunities and problem areas, research gaps and relevant program needs; develop recommendations for improvement.
(14) Develop and update standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines for implementation of programmatic and administrative activities.
(15) Provide technical leadership and guidance on major subject matter areas related to the exRNA Communication and Somatic Cell Genome Editing Programs
(16) Provide management support to program staff during execution of day-to-day functions, planning and implementation of projects, including setting priorities, managing assigned tasks, monitoring project status, reviewing deliverables and providing status updates.
(17) Develop periodic and special reports and procedures including presentations and publications on grant portfolios and related scientific subject matter.
(18) Obtain information and data for staff; review and summarize materials and data; gather and coordinate information for review; conduct data entry and file maintenance; edit and/or prepare text, data and charts as needed.
(19) Respond to inquiries and requests for information regarding application status.
(20) Provide management support to the upper level management and ad hoc expert committees, designated by the Director and other management officials.
(21) Work with program officers to maintain content on program SharePoint site and other web sites.
(22) Provide administrative support by conducting research, preparing statistical reports, handling information requests, and performing clerical functions such as preparing correspondence, arranging conference calls and scheduling meetings.
(23) Interact and coordinate with Administrative Officers to ensure that optimum levels of support are provided for all organizational program requirements.
(24) Oversee and conduct programmatic review of progress reports; complete checklists and memo for administrative management of grant applications throughout their life cycle.

REQUIREMENTS : The contractor ideally would have:
(1) Ph.D. in Biology, Molecular Biology, or Microbiology with particular focus on genetics, RNA biology or Next Generation Sequencing or equivalent in a related discipline
(2) Minimum of four (4) years of related management experience, in addition to a minimum of one (1) year of program management experience, preferably with Common Fund programs.
(3) Working knowledge of NIH funding mechanisms that support biomedical research, in particular the cooperative agreement mechanism.
(4) General knowledge of medical terms and concepts; i.e., extracellular RNA, RNAseq, biomarker discovery, therapy development, human physiology, clinical research, clinical trials, human subjects, adverse events, genome editing, genetics, recombination etc.
(5) Experience with independently performing budget execution and administration duties requiring tracking, review, and analysis; developing budget estimates and justifications, and submitting findings for higher level review; comparing and presenting figures of current funding with prior years expenditures.
(6) Ability to develop detailed reports and analyses that will guide management on programmatic and financial issues involved in the oversight of the Extracellular RNA Communication program and the Somatic Cell Genome Editing program.
(7) Experience with Microsoft Office Suite (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Databases), including exceptional Excel skills.
(8) Experience with databases; working knowledge and ability to use NIH IMPAC (or a quick learner).
(9) Strong communication skills, both oral and written.
(10) Ability to multi-task with great attention to detail.
(11) Excellent analytical, organizational and time management skills.

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