Featured Exosome Job – Senior Assay Development Scientist

Nanoview Diagnostics (NVDX) is an early stage startup developing technologies for the detection and characterization of biofluid based nanoparticles, i.e. extracellular vesicles (EVs) and exosomes. These EVs are being studied for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in high-impact areas like neurodegerative disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. NVDX’s developed technology simplifies the analysis and characterization of EVs as they are prepared for therapeutics or for use as an early biomarker of disease. Nanoview Diagnostics is a fast growing startup at the forefront of EV research and translation.

Position Description:

NVDX is seeking a highly-motivated scientist with experience developing protein-based assays using human samples, e.g. plasma or serum. Experience in exosome isolation and characterization is preferred. Scientist will help NVDX execute on its vision of improving exosome characterization to move forward basic research and clinical translation.


  • Work with NVDX CSO and team to optimize exosome detection using NVDX novel detection technology.
  • Develop experimental plan for the detection of exosomes from different biological fluids.
  • Lead development of novel single exosome based proteomic and molecular assays.
  • Documentation and presentation of results to NVDX team and at scientific conferences.
  • Aid in drafting of manuscripts, grants, and patent fillings.


Minimum B.S degree in biology, biochemistry, bioengineering, molecular biology, cell biology, immunology or similar discipline with 5+ years industry experience in RUO/IVD assay development; M.S or PhD preferred. Experience in developing protein assays in complex media such as serum and plasma. Ideally with experience is exosome isolation and detection or nanoparticle characterization. Experience with different protein capture probes (i.e. Antibodies, Peptides, and Aptamers). Experience with immunoassay product development including: reagent development, assay protocol optimization, specification development, and statistical methods.

We are looking for a candidate that has a passion for problem solving and pays attention to detail. Candidate needs to have excellent oral and written communication skills and be able to communicate experimental design, hypothesis to be tested, and results.

About nanoView Diagnostics

nanoView Diagnostics Inc. is a privately held, fast-growing company located in Boston, Massachusetts. We are building a team of innovative scientists, engineers and business professionals that prosper in a fast-paced and collaborative team. We believe that novel technology can transform life science research and clinical diagnostics, and that world-changing developments come from the very best people working together and exchanging ideas. nanoView Diagnostics is an Equal Opportunity Employer that offers a competitive employee benefits package.

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