Find One-stop Exosome Services at Creative Biolabs for Various Applications

Creative Biolabs, aiming to be the valuable cooperator for novel exosome-based therapeutics development, offers high-quality and cost-effective exosome-related solutions covering exosome targeting, quantification, profiling, etc., for global clients.

Exosomes are nano-scale extracellular vesicles secreted by most cells in the body, which at first were thought to be a metabolic waste product secreted by cells. However, more and more research results show that exosomes, as a mediator of intercellular signal transduction, participate in a variety of physiological and pathological processes in the body. Scientists have taken advantage of the unique properties of exosomes to promote clinical diagnostics and therapeutics development. In addition, exosomes can also be used as an ideal natural nanocarrier for drug delivery.

Supported by in-house scientists and first-in-class technological platform, Creative Biolabs has been focusing on a series of exosome-related services to promote related research on clinical diagnostics and therapeutics, as well as target delivery.

  • Exosome Targeting for Drug Delivery Development

Creative Biolabs is an expert at exosome display, the most popular strategy for exosome targeting, and is skillful at displaying any ligand or homing peptide specific to target recipient cells on the surface of exosomes. The expert team is also accomplished at the standard process of construction for fusion protein, cell transfection, and exosome production for target delivery.

Targeting exosome lentivirus vector construction is also available at Creative Biolabs, which has developed an exosome targeting peptide that can be incorporated into cloning lentivectors with multiple cloning site for interested proteins fusion.

  • Exosome Quantification for Clinical Diagnostics Research

Exosome quantification at Creative Biolabs can help clients understand basic biological relationships between exosomes and their parent cells and the interpretation of exosome signals by the operation of cutting-edge methods of nanoparticle tracking analysis, tunable resistive pulse sensing (TRPS), ELISA, vesicle flow cytometry, and surface plasmon resonance.

  • Exosome Profiling for Therapeutics Development

With the support of first-rate equipment, such as flow cytometry (FC), electron microscopy (EM) and optical microscopy (OM), Creative Biolabs has gathered several exosome profiling platforms to advance its isolation and profiling service for exosomal RNA, exosomal cfDNA, and exosomal protein, as well as exosome-NGS (RNA next-generation sequencing).

“Exosomes are like magic bubbles in life science and have much more potential than they have shown. We would like to move heaven and earth to partner our clients to explore deeper in these bubbles, to see how they can advance the research on cell signaling, cell adhesion and motility, immune system, and even on treatment of tumor, and inflammation.” As introduced by a senior scientist at Creative Biolabs.

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